How to Use a Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest is an image-sharing website that lets users save and organize images and videos. While the platform does not provide its users with an in-built way to download visual content, there are a variety of third-party services that do.

An easy way to download videos is to copy and paste their link on a website that supports video downloads.


Pinterest has quickly become one of the world’s premier photo sharing services, boasting billions of captivating images, videos and stories to inspire users. Even better is that users can download images or videos directly onto their computer or mobile device so they can be watched later – the process doesn’t require any technical know-how!

The Pinterest Video Downloader is a free online tool that makes downloading your favorite YouTube videos simple and fast, without needing to login into Pinterest account. Simply visit its website, paste your video link in its search box, and the site will show all available download options according to video quality – simply click “Download” button once selected!

As well as supporting Pinterest, this program supports more than 1000 other websites with excellent performance and high resolution video downloading capabilities. There is no daily download limit and works seamlessly on mobile phones as well. Furthermore, the tool can repair damaged video files before converting them to the format of your choice.

The Pinterest Video Downloader is an intuitive software program that makes downloading Pinterest videos straightforward, with fast processing times and an attractive user interface. Plus, this tool works on both PCs and Mac computers for maximum convenience!

To use this tool, navigate to either Pinterest’s app or website and select a video you’d like to download by clicking on three dots at the bottom. Next, visit the Pinterest Video Downloader website and paste the copied link into their search box before finally hitting download button and saving file to computer/device so you can access later.

Easy to use

Pinterest is a website that allows its users to easily upload images and videos that can be seen by others. Its interface is straightforward, offering many options for those wanting to share their ideas. Furthermore, Pinterest can also serve as a marketing tool for businesses, offering effective advertising with an excellent return on investment (ROI). In order to use Pinterest effectively and efficiently, people must have both stable internet connectivity and an updated browser installed on their computer.

For those on a limited budget or looking to save space on their computer, an online service offering high-quality video downloads from Pinterest may be the ideal way to go. Simply copy and paste the link of the video you wish to download into their tool, which will analyze its URL and present you with various formats and quality levels from which to choose one that best meets your needs.

This online tool is compatible with all major operating systems and browsers, is free to use, does not require registration or membership and has several limitations compared to alternative solutions – for instance you cannot simultaneously save multiple videos; moreover the quality may differ depending on your device and network connection.

YTD Video Downloader is an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to watch Pinterest videos offline on their mobile devices or computers, thanks to its easy setup process and compatibility with any browser. Not only can it download videos directly from the web but YTD can even download them offline – which comes in especially handy when travelling without Internet connectivity or when inaccessible areas exist. Furthermore, Android phone and tablet users may use YTD.

If you are new to Pinterest, it is vital that you familiarize yourself with its use before beginning to pin content of your own. Many new users become confused by its functionality, making mistakes that could result in their accounts becoming compromised or being hacked – but there are ways you can prevent these missteps and maximize your Pinterest experience! Read these tips that can help prevent mishaps from compromising your account!

Supports all browsers

Pinterest is an image-focused social media website where users can exchange creative ideas. Additionally, Pinterest serves as an ideal way to promote products, services and websites to female clients – in particular female clients 80% of whom can spend money on your products/services! But when it comes to videos on Pinterest there is one major drawback – no native mechanism exists for downloading pinned content – although there are workarounds which allow you to download them onto either your computer or mobile device.

Pinterest offers several methods for downloading videos, from browser extensions and websites, to using an extension on a smartphone to accessing mobile versions of its videos directly. Whatever method you choose, remember that they may not work across devices or operating systems – for instance a Chrome extension provides an easy way of downloading YouTube videos, but won’t work on Android or iOS devices and is only compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

Another popular method of downloading Pinterest videos is through using a website dedicated to this task. Such websites can extract video files directly from their original Pinterest pages, offering you a link for safe download. They do not require additional software or applications on your devices – perfect!

To use this method, first copy and paste the URL of the video you wish to download from Pinterest into the search box of the website you intend on using; once there, click “Download” and the video will automatically download on to your device.

Some sites allow you to select the quality of video downloads. This feature can help save space or reduce data usage; for instance, when using a cellular connection you could opt for lower quality videos to reduce download sizes.

Supports all devices

Pinterest is a social photo service used to gain inspiration and explore current trends in fashion, decor and cooking. Many also find DIY projects useful on this platform. Though Pinterest allows video downloads directly onto mobile devices without an app or third-party website – this guide will show how to access this feature by using appropriate tools and techniques.

For the fastest way to download Pinterest videos, the ideal approach is using a website which enables multiple files at once to be downloaded simultaneously. Such websites can be found by searching “Pinterest video downloader” or “Pinterest Downloader”, with some providing search features to quickly locate exactly the video you are after.

Use a desktop program designed specifically to save Pinterest videos in the format of your choice, which are available both for Mac and Windows computers. Not only can these software programs download video quickly and safely but also photos, music, podcasts and podcasts.

Reusing content is perfectly legal; however, you should pay due respect to its creators by seeking their approval before doing so. Otherwise, you could face accusations of copyright infringement and face temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

As another option, online Pinterest HD downloaders offer an easier option without needing any installation on your computer. Unfortunately, though they can be slow and sometimes bombard their interface with ads.

If you use Chrome as your browser, a simple extension called Pincase-Pinterest Video & Image Downloader makes downloading videos from Pinterest with just one click easy. Available through the Chrome web store, once installed it allows you to easily locate videos you’d like to save by opening Pinterest itself.

iOS users seeking the optimal solution are best served by using a web application that works across devices and platforms – Expertsphp is an ideal choice for downloading Pinterest videos and GIFs; its free to use, fast, and delivers top quality videos.