Discovering the Hidden Gems of India

Discovering the Hidden Gems of India

Discovering the Hidden Gems of India can be a rewarding experience. These off-beat destinations are guaranteed to make you feel alive and rejuvenated. From cultural landmarks to mouth-watering food, there are a variety of things to see and do in these unique locations.

A great way to find hidden gems is by utilising hop on hop off bus tours. These trips give you the freedom to explore different areas and attractions without having to worry about finding your own route or getting lost.

Dzukou Valley

The Dzukou Valley is a hidden gem in the state of Nagaland. It is a trekker’s dream with its multi-coloured carpet of flowers and is home to the endemic Dzukou Lily. It is also known for its rare wildlife species like the Hollock gibbon, Serow, and capped langur.

The name ‘Dzukou’ translates to “cold water” in the local language and it is said that it refers to the ice-cold stream that flows through this spectacular valley. It is also famous for its rhododendrons and wildflowers that are in full bloom during the high summer season.

However, owing to its environmental fragility the Dzukou Valley has been in the news for several reasons including large scale forest fires that have killed endangered and vulnerable wildlife and plant species. This makes it all the more important to visit this hidden gem responsibly so that it can sustain its fragile ecological balance. The best time to visit the Dzukou Valley is between June and September.

Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley, located in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, is a nature enthusiast’s paradise. This exotic hill hamlet is home to the Apatani tribe and is a popular tourist attraction for its natural beauty. It is known for its terrace paddy fields, bamboo forests, and picturesque trails. It has also been added to the tentative list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site for its Apatani cultural landscape.

The area is dotted with several sacred ‘Rantu Pussa’ (Rangoli) trees, which are said to have been planted by women of the Apatani tribes in honor of their husbands. These mighty trees have stood tall over the years and remain as an enduring testament to the roles of women in Apatani society.

The best time to visit the region is post-monsoon, around September. The weather is pleasantly warm and you can enjoy the lush green rice fields. You can also explore the Apatani culture and tradition, and feast on their sumptuous local cuisines. These cuisines are known for being both healthy and tasty!

Bhogwe Beach

The pristine Bhogwe Beach is a hidden gem of Sindhudurg District. Known for its magnificent views of Karli River mingling with Arabian Sea and the swaying palm trees, it is a dream come true for every beach lover. The tranquil ambiance and the sounds of waves gently kissing the sand can de-stress you in no time. The beach is also home to flocks of local sea birds, making it a perfect destination for a serene retreat.

Located near Parule Village, the Bhogwe Beach is a secluded paradise for all beach lovers. Unlike the more popular beaches like Tarkarli or Goa, this is an unspoilt paradise where you can enjoy peace and quiet away from all the chaos.

The best part is that it is very close to a lot of other amazing attractions like Nivati Fort and Devbaug’s famous Mobara Point. The beach is also a perfect spot to sight dolphins. Staying at a resort near Bhogwe Beach will give you access to all the fun and adventure that this area has to offer.


Lunglei is a picturesque district head quaters town located in South Mizoram. It is one of the most beautiful and serene places in north-eastern India. It offers a variety of tourist activities such as trekking, river tracing, bird watching and camping. The place is filled with natural beauty, exotic flora, and scenic views. It is also famous for its cool and pleasant climate.

This hidden gem of Mizoram is a must-see for travellers who love nature and are looking for a relaxing holiday. It has everything from stunning waterfalls to pristine forests, and it is a great place for photographers. It is also home to many species of animals, including a number of rare birds and mammals.

While there are certainly plenty of iconic sites to see in India, the country is full of surprises as well. These hidden gems offer a unique, authentic experience and show off the best of Indian culture and natural beauty.